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March 17, 2019 / Don LeBaron

The 4T: politics for life or death?

Chiapas Support Committee

The mural portrays Antonio Esteban, an environmentalist in Puebla, murdered in 2014.

By: Víctor M. Toledo

The classic distinction in conventional politics between “lefts” and “rights” is being undrawn to give way to a new dilemma. Now it’s increasingly necessary and adequate to speak of “politics for life” and “politics for death.” As we saw in a previous installment, the devastating attack of a transnational oligarchy that barely reaches one percent of the human population extends and intensifies throughout the planet, destroying nature and humans alike. The ecological depredation and exploitation of human labor continues as corporate capital bends governments of all kinds to put them at their service, giving rise to what we have named “black holes of modernity.” This displacement of the old political geometry by a challenge of greater transcendence results from globalization and from the impact that industrial societies have on the balance of…

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November 24, 2016 / Don LeBaron

Stand for Mother Earth


The violation of mother earth is always immoral. No system of law is valid that allows for the destruction of mother earth. No lawyers, no courts, no corporations, no institutions, no governments are authorized to act in manner destructive to the well being of this planet. A religion that supports institutions that violate the sanctity of mother earth is a false religion. The protestors at Standing Rock act on a basis of morality that does not need the validation of false institutions. The protestors at Standing Rock act according to a superior law that overrides a false system of law. The installation of this pipeline does violence to this planet, the people of this planet and all living things. The protestors of this pipeline act on a superior basis of morality that does not need the approval of the institutions that invalidate themselves through the violation of nature and natural law. If the NoDapl protestors continue to stand, all institutions must conform to their superior injunction. All institutions must conform to a position of non-violence and non-destruction of mother earth, or be abolished. That now must be the invariable position of the people of this planet. It is time for the people to stand for mother earth.

November 23, 2016 / Don LeBaron

Gandhi and Standing Rock

I studied Gandhi voraciously. I went to the special collections department to find his writings that were not easily obtainable. My soul thrived for the effort.

What is happening at Standing Rock as concerns the resistance to the Dakota Access Pipeline, what is happening with the Zapatista’s, what is rising among the indigenous people throughout the world, is the same “rising”. The indigenous people are persecuted. The indigenous people are on the rise. The affluent nations will not muster and mount the same collective soul force to resist evil. We, the rich and fair skinned, now look to the poor and the indigenous for our hope. They will stand far more effectively against tyranny than us, the fair skinned. Some of us will join them.

Gandhi changed the course of a nation and gave hope to the worlds oppressed. Now there is not one Gandhi, but many and they will never stop. They are being beat, tortured, persecuted and killed. The price of their lives will gain us what we need most, liberty. Hope now rises in my soul for the price of their lives.

First they ignore you,
Then they laugh at you,
Then they fight you,
They you win
“Mahatma Gandhi”

October 11, 2015 / Don LeBaron

A Real Cause to Believe In

Memory: Communiqué from the CCRI of the EZLN, 15 September 1994dorsetchiapassolidarity9h ago communique.Memory: Communiqué from the CCRI of the EZLN, 15 September 1994..Today we are gathered here to remind the people of Mexico who we are and what we want. 184 years ago a handful of indigenous and some mestizos took up arms against the Spanish crown to demand the freedom that the arrogant oppressed with slavery, to demand the democracy that the arrogant choked with dictatorship, to demand the justice that the arrogant chained with exploitation. Today, 184 years after the first insurgents began the struggle for democracy, liberty and justice, for the flag of independence, for the right of the peoples to govern and to govern themselves according to their mind and reason, the flag which passed from the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe to that of the eagle devouring a snake with the three colours, the flag of Mexico, the flag of the workers, peasants, indigenous, teachers and students, of all the poor all of these lands, our flag, is raised with dignity by the Zapatista troops.Today the troops of usurpation parade on the streets of Mexico City. They would deceive the people of Mexico, presenting themselves as an army of the people, like the Mexican Army. Here the only Mexican army is the Zapatista one of National Liberation. The other is an armed group in the service of the powerful, lacking in military honour and in shame for serving the lie.Today we have gathered here to turn our hearts and our pain to the mountain, so that our heart is good ground for the seed of the word of those who walk in the night, of those who are mountain.We, the dead of always, come to tell our dead that we are ready, the long night of the lie that refuses to become dawn needs more blood to fertilize the seed that will be the light tomorrow, we come here to talk to our dead. We have no life now, death walks in our steps since the dawn of the year, from history. There will be no tomorrow for the men and women without face, those of the armed step, those of the true word.

Source: Memory: Communiqué from the CCRI of the EZLN, 15 September 1994 ‹ Reader —

September 20, 2015 / Don LeBaron

In 1776



In 1776, liberty broke out and threatened to consume the monster of tyranny. That monster, feeling very threatened, determined that this must never happen again. A devious effort was mounted to destroy any possibility of liberty rising again. That effort has been largely successful. Few people have the knowledge or the will to reinstitute real liberty.

The efforts now made to resist tyranny are side-tracked and ineffective. They do not proceed on a true prescription of liberty. They do not circumscribe the actual reality of free men and women in self-government, according to the rule of law. For the most part, how we rebel is a design of how slaves appeal to their slave masters

In 1776 there was a core of men and women who knew that liberty was a lawful grant from their Creator. They infused life into a young and budding country. A nation of liberty sprung forth. The tree of liberty, almost dead, put forth new shoots and branches.

The monster of tyranny rules and perversely reigns. The tree of liberty seems dead, though the root still has some life. Now, as peril threatens the very existence of this planet, the few sons and daughters of liberty will once again rise to the occasion, and as never before.

For this we came here. Beware tyrants and sycophants, your days are numbered and few.

September 18, 2015 / Don LeBaron

Daily Inspiration | The Chopra Center

The Law of Detachment: In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty . . . in the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning. And in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe.

Source: Daily Inspiration | The Chopra Center

The greatest attachment most have is their own real and personal property. We hardly know today that God intended for us to have property in a very different way than we do now. Once we have attached too much to our own property, spiritual development comes to a grinding halt. I think that most of us will have to lose everything for spiritual development to proceed according to our true desire.

September 16, 2015 / Don LeBaron

My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

God created man to be master of the life in the earth and sea and sky, and the reason he is not is because he took the law into his own hands, and became master of himself, but of nothing else. The Shadow of an Agony, 1163 L

Source: My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers

The law of God, when given by Him, embraced the civil law. We shall become nothing we are intended to be as long as we are subject to the present civil law. When we rejected His law, as due course of events, we became subject to another law. Sadly, under the present civil law, we are not even masters of ourselves.

September 6, 2015 / Don LeBaron


Some are yelling and others, they say, are just apathetic. Whichever the case, can anyone sense that things can or will really straighten out anytime soon? We all know we are in trouble, whether we are quiet about it, or loquacious.

There are plenty of reasons that can be ascribed to the present difficulties. There is particularly one that is certainly not adequately addressed. Simply put,  we will not have liberty because we know not how to have it. We just do not want to know that we do not know what liberty looks like. In fact, we are so far removed from it that we hardly know it really exists. Those who claim otherwise, likely deal in absurdities.

The knowledge of liberty has been lost; intentionally removed. We shall not be relieved of the present difficulties until we want badly enough to find that knowledge again and pay the price of freedom. The knowledge we lack has always been the same  and unchanging prescription.

“Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”
John Philpot Curran

Shout it! by Jimmy Jack Kane, via CC Licensing

September 4, 2015 / Don LeBaron

Tyranny In Kentucky – #IStandWithKim Davis

A convergence is happening. Now heroes will be on the rise.

PUMABydesign001's Blog

The Camp of the Saintsbybobbelvedere

A Federal Judge has arrested Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis and put her in jail for refusing to issue ‘same-sex marriage’ licenses.

The Left, as is to be expected, is praising the Judge’s move.

We have a typical example of this, as reported by Bridget Johnson:

“And every public official in our democracy is subject to the rule of law. No one is above the law. That applies to the president of the United States and that applies to the County Clerk and Rowan County, Kentucky, as well,” [Josh] Earnest said. “And that’s a fundamental principal of our democracy. In terms of how that applies to this particular case? That’s obviously something that a judge will have to decide. And I would not second guess it from here.”

Earnest said he hadn’t spoken with Obama about “this particular matter,” and was “obviously…

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September 3, 2015 / Don LeBaron

Poured Out

Everything that comes your way, pour it out to the Lord.

Chamber Oswald says that when good things come our way, we should pour them back to the Lord. When we become bitter about something in life, it is because we did not do that. We figured we earned it and somehow deserve it.

This “entitlement” attitude, the opposite of pouring ourselves out to the Lord, is certainly the prevalent thing in society. It shows up in many shapes and forms. Truly it is the false pride of mankind, gone rampant nowadays.

The Libertarian philosophy is tinged darkly with the wrong entitlement philosophy. Their basic idea simply put; value is ascertained by the labor applied to a thing. And then, what the supply and demand of the market is, likewise determines value. The Libertarian philosophy does not conclude that there is an intrinsic value in all things. It is in fact the intrinsic value that must first be ascertained before man can calculate accurately his efforts into the equation.

Actually it all comes from a deep lack of awareness. Where do things really come from, who paid for it and what our part is in attaining it? The role that God played, the role that our ancestors did, all of that dwarfs anything we might possibly add to the value of things. If we truly know how to take that into account, things will look a whole lot different.

In out present mortal state, it is certainly not the rich and the clever, not the financial wizards and the wealthy corporate magnates that keep things going. They are almost entirely on the take. It is in fact the meek and the humble that really provide the life force that keeps things going. Who can measure what really makes life happen and who really produces. It is not a money making proposition.

If we could really see who we are, who we are not and where things really come from, we would suddenly find ourselves poured out unto the Lord.

Hence the meek shall inherit the earth.