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September 3, 2015 / Don LeBaron

Poured Out

Everything that comes your way, pour it out to the Lord.

Chamber Oswald says that when good things come our way, we should pour them back to the Lord. When we become bitter about something in life, it is because we did not do that. We figured we earned it and somehow deserve it.

This “entitlement” attitude, the opposite of pouring ourselves out to the Lord, is certainly the prevalent thing in society. It shows up in many shapes and forms. Truly it is the false pride of mankind, gone rampant nowadays.

The Libertarian philosophy is tinged darkly with the wrong entitlement philosophy. Their basic idea simply put; value is ascertained by the labor applied to a thing. And then, what the supply and demand of the market is, likewise determines value. The Libertarian philosophy does not conclude that there is an intrinsic value in all things. It is in fact the intrinsic value that must first be ascertained before man can calculate accurately his efforts into the equation.

Actually it all comes from a deep lack of awareness. Where do things really come from, who paid for it and what our part is in attaining it? The role that God played, the role that our ancestors did, all of that dwarfs anything we might possibly add to the value of things. If we truly know how to take that into account, things will look a whole lot different.

In out present mortal state, it is certainly not the rich and the clever, not the financial wizards and the wealthy corporate magnates that keep things going. They are almost entirely on the take. It is in fact the meek and the humble that really provide the life force that keeps things going. Who can measure what really makes life happen and who really produces. It is not a money making proposition.

If we could really see who we are, who we are not and where things really come from, we would suddenly find ourselves poured out unto the Lord.

Hence the meek shall inherit the earth.

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