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December 20, 2014 / Don LeBaron

Silence is Consent

The lies and atrocities of the US government, (and other governments), has been, and is now well publicized and common knowledge. Maybe because information flows readily on the internet or perhaps corruption is just so big and obvious, now the people can no longer look the other way. The people must now come to terms with the implications of what their governments have become. If the people are silent to the crimes of their government, they are, in law and morality, parties to the crime.

Usually when countries become this corrupted, the people revolt.

The people must assess their participation in the creation and maintenance of these corrupted systems. It is proverbial and historically well established, that evil governments cannot exist except the people so consent.

The American people, truly the greatest benefactors of liberty, are self-oppressed through acquiescence to gross violations of true law, ethics and morality. They have been far too complacent as the specter of totalitarianism, parading as democracy, has terrorized the nations, and its own people.

The American system can no longer be salvaged, its cancer has spread too far and too deep. The symptoms of the disease are chronic. America, and all that accords, will die.

The question I have is, as the system dies, and many suffer and die with it, will we finally get humble and honest? Will we, as a dying man might do, confess and absolve our participation in the crimes and make reconciliation with justice, honor and nobility? Will we prefer peace above material proliferation, comfort and convenience? When we see obviously that all is lost, will we then decide for what always we should have and could have done?

Will we then realize the most important truth of all; nothing in the universe is worth bartering away our liberty?


December 5, 2013 / Don LeBaron

Salvation is Real

Salvation is not something we do or confess. It is something that already exists and we will participate in it, go there, just as soon as we are ready and not a moment sooner. Religion tends to keep people from it.

November 27, 2013 / Don LeBaron

Peace We Now Need

Armed with the Weapon of Peace

Too often do we think of peace as passive and serene, seemingly associating it as an end while possibly ignoring its true means.  Peace isn’t passive, it’s contagious, at least that is when we carry it out to the world as the sort of viral cure that is already living inside us.  As a believer in Jesus, Peace is a person who lives in me.  I can’t afford to try and keep my peace any longer when I could be a carrier of peace to a world that is desperate and wanting.

November 25, 2013 / Don LeBaron

Made in the image of God

Technology happened largely because of a departure from obedience to the ordinance of God. What we call progress intertwines with corruption. The true history of man’s departure from what God instituted has been covered with false and twisted information. If men had obeyed God the present technology could not exist. See now how technology is used to control and destroy. See now how we are manipulated by those who control the technology. See how empty and meaningless life is becoming for ever so many.

Then, if you can, see how amazing, beautiful, profound our lives are when we live close to God and how we are intended to exist.

Do not consult the present religions. It is unlikely they know anything of these matters. They are all partners of the state that suck our life and lie to us. They are morphine for the masses. Religion is part of the lie and they will appropriate the last remnants of your soul if you let them. They all require obedience and conformity to the state and implement the same systems of mind control. They give little and take more.

Simplify and return to a life close to nature. Associate with those close to with justice and with joy. Then, and only then, will the voice of God be heard again, by us, through us and more.

Soon enough we will witness the deterioration of technology and religion. Then we will get back to who and what we really are intended to be, so very much made in the image of the God of nature.

November 24, 2013 / Don LeBaron


Industry and Technology, we are told is because we have advanced, brought here via the Age of Reason.

Modern media and technology rather have left us numbed, insipid and mediocre. We have reasoned ourselves right out of reality.

Separate from each other, separate from the earth and separate from God our logic is the prison and we are too numbed to notice and remember why we came here.

Will technology, will anything on TV, or the internet help us remember our ancient greatness???

June 14, 2011 / Don LeBaron

War on the People

What rational person could support a policy that neither stops the drug problem nor stops the criminal problem. The killing gets worse. Solutions are not found for real human problems.

The obvious result is that people lose their liberty and become more regulated and keep getting killed.

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War on Drugs: Fast, Furious and Fueled by the U.S.

The violent deaths of Brian Terry and Juan Francisco Sicilia, separated by the span of just a few months and by the increasingly bloody U.S.-Mexico border, have sparked separate but overdue examinations of the so-called War on Drugs, and how the U.S. government is ultimately exacerbating the problem.

Sicilia is against the cartels, for sure. But he holds Calderon, and the United States, culpable as well. He is calling for an end to “the Merida Initiative,” in which the U.S. provides arms and training for the Mexican military to fight the cartels. Sicilia also is calling for the legalization of drugs, a call in which he is joined, surprisingly, by the conservative former president of Mexico, Vicente Fox, and increasingly by Calderon himself.



June 7, 2011 / Don LeBaron

Mexican Non-violent Resistance Peace Caravan

Based on the ethics of Ghandi, leadership is forming to resist government policy that is bringing violence and suppression of rights. The people are doing the only thing they can. The government seems to be deaf. Now these people on the peace caravan know, each and every one of them, they risk their lives. They know the government is not there to protect them. Their hope is in sufficient publicity and public concern. This resistance movement will stand as a model of dignified non-violent resistance as a true and sincere ethical stance against tyranny.

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Mexico: Peace Tour Follows Route of Fear

‘No justice has ever been done for the innocent victims. In Reynosa (in the northern state of Tamaulipas) you can see the fear in people’s faces,’ he says, before adding almost to himself: ‘This isn’t a safe job anymore. What future lies ahead for my kids?’

The ‘caravan of solace’, as Sicilia has dubbed it, is a winding ride by 13 buses and 25 cars carrying peace activists and relatives of victims from around the country through a number of the cities that have been hit hardest by the drug violence that has spiralled in this country over the last few years.

‘I am marching to shout that the dead are someone’s sons and daughters, they aren’t stones or numbers…I don’t want to be anyone’s anonymous son, I don’t want apathy to end up wiping us all away,’ said Lebarón, who added that the march ‘is for us to find each other again, on a route of humanity and strength.’



June 6, 2011 / Don LeBaron

Mexico Against Violence.

Julian LeBaron who lost family members to organized crime violence, speaks out in rally at San Potosi. Will the mainstream media cover this historic event?

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“The Violence is Not In the Guns or the Drugs. The Violence Is Within Us.”

Remarks of Julian LeBaron in San Luis Potosí, in the Caravan to Ciudad Juárez to Stop the War

The violence is not in things. It is not something artificial. The violence is not in the guns or in the drugs. The violence is within us. The institutions, the government, the Army and the police are also citizens and are not things outside of humanity. Every one of us has our responsibility in this struggle. W created the violence, every day, or we make it stop existing. And only together can we end it.



June 6, 2011 / Don LeBaron

Peace Convoy from Mexico City to Juarez

Stop the drug war. Stop the violence. The people of Mexico are standing up.America, see what your neighbors are doing.

June 6, 2011 / Don LeBaron

War on the People

The phony “war on terrorism” and the phony “war on drugs” are simply the ultimate war on the liberties of the people. In America the war has been won, the people have no liberties left. The majority of the American people have decided that security is more important then liberty. Now that war rages throughout the world. Apparently there are other countries who are more concerned for liberty then the U.S., and hence the war rages.

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Major International Leaders Plead for the US and the World to Get Smart and Stop the War on Drugs

The Commission on Drug Policy urged a shift from incarceration to consideration of a full range of alternatives, from decriminalization to legalization and regulation.

But the commission’s mandate is perhaps unprecedentedly deep and broad; the commissioners hail from 15 countries around the world, from North and Latin America, to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. They are four former presidents, United Nations dignitaries, authors and intellectuals, health and security officials, NGO directors and entrepreneurs.