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November 25, 2013 / Don LeBaron

Made in the image of God

Technology happened largely because of a departure from obedience to the ordinance of God. What we call progress intertwines with corruption. The true history of man’s departure from what God instituted has been covered with false and twisted information. If men had obeyed God the present technology could not exist. See now how technology is used to control and destroy. See now how we are manipulated by those who control the technology. See how empty and meaningless life is becoming for ever so many.

Then, if you can, see how amazing, beautiful, profound our lives are when we live close to God and how we are intended to exist.

Do not consult the present religions. It is unlikely they know anything of these matters. They are all partners of the state that suck our life and lie to us. They are morphine for the masses. Religion is part of the lie and they will appropriate the last remnants of your soul if you let them. They all require obedience and conformity to the state and implement the same systems of mind control. They give little and take more.

Simplify and return to a life close to nature. Associate with those close to with justice and with joy. Then, and only then, will the voice of God be heard again, by us, through us and more.

Soon enough we will witness the deterioration of technology and religion. Then we will get back to who and what we really are intended to be, so very much made in the image of the God of nature.

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