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June 5, 2011 / Don LeBaron

Another hero arises

What can effectively be done against the present tyranny. The corrupted governmental systems will not be changed from within, the cancer will not be cured, the system will die.

Non-participation and non-violence are the only effective tools possible.

Each time a true patriot spill their blood, the down fall of tyranny is hastened and ascertained. This only has ever been the antidote.

If the people will live they will learn to live without the present consensus system of affluent societies. Only the indigenous people will find the true solutions. Now we must say no to the present system and learn a new way to live on this planet.

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Pilgrimage to the Sources of Javier Sicilia, the Poet Who Is Shaking Mexico

How can society be humanized? According to Lanza del Vasto, it begins with each one of us. Perhaps another reason that Javier has succeeded at mobilizing so many people is because many of them observe he has done that job.. Like Gandhi, he sees life as something that surges from a unity of being, in which there is no division between spirituality and practical activity and because he has tried to live that way. Gandhi spoke of a spiritual principle for that effort. It had a practical value: Ahimsa, or life force. That if someone cannot express an absolute knowledge of the truth (satyagraha, Gandhi called it), no one could use violence to obligate others to act against their sincere and distinct understanding of truth.

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