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October 11, 2015 / Don LeBaron

A Real Cause to Believe In

Memory: Communiqué from the CCRI of the EZLN, 15 September 1994dorsetchiapassolidarity9h ago communique.Memory: Communiqué from the CCRI of the EZLN, 15 September 1994..Today we are gathered here to remind the people of Mexico who we are and what we want. 184 years ago a handful of indigenous and some mestizos took up arms against the Spanish crown to demand the freedom that the arrogant oppressed with slavery, to demand the democracy that the arrogant choked with dictatorship, to demand the justice that the arrogant chained with exploitation. Today, 184 years after the first insurgents began the struggle for democracy, liberty and justice, for the flag of independence, for the right of the peoples to govern and to govern themselves according to their mind and reason, the flag which passed from the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe to that of the eagle devouring a snake with the three colours, the flag of Mexico, the flag of the workers, peasants, indigenous, teachers and students, of all the poor all of these lands, our flag, is raised with dignity by the Zapatista troops.Today the troops of usurpation parade on the streets of Mexico City. They would deceive the people of Mexico, presenting themselves as an army of the people, like the Mexican Army. Here the only Mexican army is the Zapatista one of National Liberation. The other is an armed group in the service of the powerful, lacking in military honour and in shame for serving the lie.Today we have gathered here to turn our hearts and our pain to the mountain, so that our heart is good ground for the seed of the word of those who walk in the night, of those who are mountain.We, the dead of always, come to tell our dead that we are ready, the long night of the lie that refuses to become dawn needs more blood to fertilize the seed that will be the light tomorrow, we come here to talk to our dead. We have no life now, death walks in our steps since the dawn of the year, from history. There will be no tomorrow for the men and women without face, those of the armed step, those of the true word.

Source: Memory: Communiqué from the CCRI of the EZLN, 15 September 1994 ‹ Reader —

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