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June 2, 2011 / Don LeBaron

Where Can Liberty Be Found?

The American people will never regain their liberty as long as they are convinced they have “constitutional rights”. There is no such thing and never will be. Right came from someone and some place far bigger than any of us.

The Constitution was created by people who already had liberty. The Constitution was a contract granting the Federal government certain limited powers. Other then that, the Federal government had nothing to do with the people.

A similar situation existed with state governments. If the people do not have liberty independent of general government, they do not have it at all. Liberty and rights are inalienable, they cannot be granted nor arbitrated by the government. They can only be maintained.

The true doctrine of the original constitution ceased generations ago. Liberty was lost generations ago. As long as the people believe the state and federal government has something to do with granting liberty they will never regain it.

If I read it correctly, most people in America think they get their rights from the government. If they accept rights from the government, then the government will take then away. Well, in fact, the government has already taken them away.

The constitution was created by people who knew where their rights came from and how to defend them. Hence the US Constitution was created, to control the government so it would only help preserve liberty.

That now is a thing of the past. The present government will again be abolished. Liberty will always come again.

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