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September 20, 2015 / Don LeBaron

In 1776



In 1776, liberty broke out and threatened to consume the monster of tyranny. That monster, feeling very threatened, determined that this must never happen again. A devious effort was mounted to destroy any possibility of liberty rising again. That effort has been largely successful. Few people have the knowledge or the will to reinstitute real liberty.

The efforts now made to resist tyranny are side-tracked and ineffective. They do not proceed on a true prescription of liberty. They do not circumscribe the actual reality of free men and women in self-government, according to the rule of law. For the most part, how we rebel is a design of how slaves appeal to their slave masters

In 1776 there was a core of men and women who knew that liberty was a lawful grant from their Creator. They infused life into a young and budding country. A nation of liberty sprung forth. The tree of liberty, almost dead, put forth new shoots and branches.

The monster of tyranny rules and perversely reigns. The tree of liberty seems dead, though the root still has some life. Now, as peril threatens the very existence of this planet, the few sons and daughters of liberty will once again rise to the occasion, and as never before.

For this we came here. Beware tyrants and sycophants, your days are numbered and few.

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