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June 7, 2011 / Don LeBaron

Mexican Non-violent Resistance Peace Caravan

Based on the ethics of Ghandi, leadership is forming to resist government policy that is bringing violence and suppression of rights. The people are doing the only thing they can. The government seems to be deaf. Now these people on the peace caravan know, each and every one of them, they risk their lives. They know the government is not there to protect them. Their hope is in sufficient publicity and public concern. This resistance movement will stand as a model of dignified non-violent resistance as a true and sincere ethical stance against tyranny.

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Mexico: Peace Tour Follows Route of Fear

‘No justice has ever been done for the innocent victims. In Reynosa (in the northern state of Tamaulipas) you can see the fear in people’s faces,’ he says, before adding almost to himself: ‘This isn’t a safe job anymore. What future lies ahead for my kids?’

The ‘caravan of solace’, as Sicilia has dubbed it, is a winding ride by 13 buses and 25 cars carrying peace activists and relatives of victims from around the country through a number of the cities that have been hit hardest by the drug violence that has spiralled in this country over the last few years.

‘I am marching to shout that the dead are someone’s sons and daughters, they aren’t stones or numbers…I don’t want to be anyone’s anonymous son, I don’t want apathy to end up wiping us all away,’ said Lebarón, who added that the march ‘is for us to find each other again, on a route of humanity and strength.’



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