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May 23, 2011 / Don LeBaron

America Is No More

America is no more, how sad. Now, slowly, its people must come to terms with their demise. What shall they do?

The American people, for the most part, have lost their will to resist. Some will take to arms willing to kill, indignant with anger. That is no real struggle for liberty. That is nothing conceived in a cause for truth and freedom. That is only a form of madness born in fear and cowardice.

The American people have subscribed themselves too much to the policies of U.S. Imperialism. They have relished too much the lies of the mainstream media justifying wars that have no basis in morality.

Some say now that things have gone too far and something must be done. They have no idea what to do for they have been taught exploitation as their religion. They do not want to be rid of tyranny. They only want it toned down enough to keep the mortgage. Private property, real and personal, is the substance of their cause. They know neither a cause born in oppression, nor a cause born in the sheer love of liberty. Because they do not know a true cause, neither will they know atrue solution.

For those few who would truly pay the price for liberty, for their diligence I would be tempted to take up my sword. Yet I see they will not prevail, such is the course of history. If they are to survive, they must leave that country. Most likely will not. Many will die.

America is no more. I laud the heroes who stand but your cause is lost. Your fellows abandoned you long ago. Your leader betrayed you long ago. Still it is worth stand. Still it is worth dying. Still living free is the greatest cause ever to be found.

America is no more, how sad. I left you long ago. I cried for you while young. I left your indolence while I was a youth. My cause is not your cause. Still I am sad to see what you will now face.

Leave America if you can, she is no more.

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