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December 20, 2014 / Don LeBaron

Silence is Consent

The lies and atrocities of the US government, (and other governments), has been, and is now well publicized and common knowledge. Maybe because information flows readily on the internet or perhaps corruption is just so big and obvious, now the people can no longer look the other way. The people must now come to terms with the implications of what their governments have become. If the people are silent to the crimes of their government, they are, in law and morality, parties to the crime.

Usually when countries become this corrupted, the people revolt.

The people must assess their participation in the creation and maintenance of these corrupted systems. It is proverbial and historically well established, that evil governments cannot exist except the people so consent.

The American people, truly the greatest benefactors of liberty, are self-oppressed through acquiescence to gross violations of true law, ethics and morality. They have been far too complacent as the specter of totalitarianism, parading as democracy, has terrorized the nations, and its own people.

The American system can no longer be salvaged, its cancer has spread too far and too deep. The symptoms of the disease are chronic. America, and all that accords, will die.

The question I have is, as the system dies, and many suffer and die with it, will we finally get humble and honest? Will we, as a dying man might do, confess and absolve our participation in the crimes and make reconciliation with justice, honor and nobility? Will we prefer peace above material proliferation, comfort and convenience? When we see obviously that all is lost, will we then decide for what always we should have and could have done?

Will we then realize the most important truth of all; nothing in the universe is worth bartering away our liberty?


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